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CNC gantry machining center-dhxk2804
1. Y axis: the worktable moves longitudinally along the fixed bed guide rail. Y-axis drive: AC servo motor drive ball screw drive, drive the table movement, to achieve Y-axis linear motion. guide rail form: Taiwan Shangyin four 55 type roller linear guides, each with 4 sliders. X axis: milling head slide plate reciprocating along the beam guide rail. x-axis drive: AC servo motor drive, ball screw drive. Rail form: Taiwan Shangyin two 55 roller linear guides. 3. Z axis: milling head ram moves vertically and reciprocally along the slide guide rail. z-axis drive: AC frequency conversion motor is used to drive the spindle box to move up and down through the ball screw, and a parallel screw counterweight is added
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Product introduction: Dhxk4028 CNC Gantry machining center The structural features of the milling machine are: fixed bed Table movement Headstock Slide board Move up and down It can also be found in the The beam moves left and right to realize three axis linkage ; configuration twenty-two KW main Boring Milling head. Machine tool Main milling head With milling, boring, drilling, countersinking Tapping And other functions, suitable be used for Mechanics Steel, energy, automobile, aerospace, weapons Processing of large and medium-sized parts in shipbuilding and other industries. With accessory milling head, the workpiece can be clamped at one time, The right angle milling head can be installed Five side processing, one machine for multi-purpose, improve the workpiece.



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